How Small business pay for trash service but anyone can dump and get away with it.

We are currently have a small claims court Indy Jump Vs. Christina Elaine Roth & David Roth Case # 49K01-21111-SC-003970, we have talked to Indy Jump and they have provided us with photos of the items dumped by Christina Elaine Roth & David Roth. This story is how to upper scale persons who where not unauthorized use a commercial dumpster used that dumpster nearly filling it.


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Christina Elaine Roths' Packing Slip

Mr David Roths' Business card (PDF)

Morgan Stanley
David Roth Wealth Management / Senior Investment Management Consultant / Vice President / Financial Advisor
111 Monument Circle Suite 3100
Indianapolis, IN 46204 / direct 317 263 0801 / fax 317 263 8730 / toll free 800 624 2545

At 1:34PM on January 25th 2021 Mr Roth Called us here is the recording oh the phone call (call_13-34-56_IN_.amr) unedited.
Mr. Roth terminated the call, as said in the video "their dumping stuff for us" so Mr. Roth admits to having the construction company dump trash for them. Listen at 02:08

Indiana's wiretapping law is a "one-party consent" law. Indiana makes it a crime to record a telephone conversation unless one party to the conversation consents. ... In-person conversations do not appear to be covered by the law, but it cannot hurt to get consent before recording just in case. We Indy Jump consent to being recorded thus is 100% legal.

Regardless of how the trash came to be; Christina Elaine Roth & David Roth are fully responsible for the trash and cleanup fees. Either way the Roth's trespassed on private property or had someone trespass under their control.

Update January 2022: We have contact MAC (Mayors Action Center) to start the criminal process.
We also suspect as our 1st video was removed by YouTube here is a link to the 1st video (roth.mp4)
Current Video:

Side Notes:

Under Indiana Code Title 13. Environment � 13-30-3-13 (
(d) A landowner on whose land garbage or other solid waste has been illegally dumped without the landowner's consent may, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedy available to the landowner, recover from the person responsible for the illegal dumping:

Regardless of how the trash came to be Christina Elaine Roth & David Roth are fully responsible for the trash

Indiana attorney wrote an article

In this article he wrote:

"....In Indiana, it is illegal to dispose of garbage in a dumpster, on the roadside, or another person�s garbage can without permission. If you dispose of trash in a company�s dumpster, you may even face civil penalties if the company pursues a lawsuit against you or a municipality forces you to pay the costs associated with cleanup. ..."

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