49K01-2201-SC-000158 - Dumper - Katelynn (Katie) Brown-Marsden (Threatens to To Shoot ME!)

Katelynn (Katie) Brown-Marsden threatens to to shoot ME on camera (Love GoPros' (not a sponsor wish they were) when called out on illegal dumping, IMPD deemed it has harassment (PDF), filling the dumpster about 1/3 to 1/2 full.

Here is what paperwork was found (PDF) (PDF)

November 15th 2021 sent her a letter of intent to sue (DOC)

January 5th 2022 Civil action was filed 49K01-2201-SC-000158

Katelynn (Katie) Brown-Marsden SS#XXX-XX-4793
2831 Landola Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46241
marsden.katie@gmail.com - (317) 746-3046

Trailer Park (Lantern Estates)
Lantern Estates # 317-247-6692
South Lynhurst & West Troy

Package found in our dumpster - UPS GROUND TRACKING #: 1Z 084 E1V 03 1142 4644

She is married to Brown, Patricia L. on 08/13/2019 Marriage License No. 2019-0004431 (PDF)

Her and a friend was to dump trash caught on camera
Here is the full video of it (ch00000000000002-210824-223823.avi)


Drives a White 4 Door Nissan Sentra - You can see her car on Google (click here)


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